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  • Investment Date March 31, 2014
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Safety Services
    Head Office Red Deer, AB
    CEO Kevin O’Brien
    Website www.bravotarget.ca
    Phone (403) 343-6900

    Bravo Target is an integrated provider of safety solutions to the Canadian oil and gas industry. The company has extensive experience in numerous areas including safety services for facilities, industrial turnarounds, maintenance and oilfield drilling and completions. Bravo Target operates from nine locations throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and its customers include Canada’s leading blue-chip energy players.

    Bravo Target is well positioned to take advantage of the increasing focus on safety by customers and their regulators.

  • Investment Date November 24, 2016
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Home Appliance Retail
    Head Office Toronto, ON
    CEO Ari Klein
    Website www.canadianappliance.ca
    Phone (416) 782-5900

    Canadian Appliance Source is an omni-channel home appliance retailer with operations in Ontario and Quebec. The company focuses on providing consumers with expert advice and competitive prices for all their major home appliance needs.

    CAS’ strategically located showrooms, knowledgeable sales staff and proprietary business management systems have generated a robust consumer offering and a growing market presence.

  • Investment Date September 30, 2013
    Structure Expansion Financing
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Healthcare
    Head Office Toronto, ON
    CEO Chris Szybbo
    Website www.cbi.ca
    Phone (800) 463-2225

    CBI Health Group is a leading Canadian provider of outpatient rehabilitation and integrated community healthcare services. Headquartered in Ontario, the company employs more than 9,000 professionals to operate its network of over 200 locations across Canada. CBI offers services in physio, occupational, exercise and behavioural therapies, as well as physician, chiropractic, nursing, speech, massage, home health and eldercare.

    Demographic trends, increased outsourcing of health care services by governments and the cost advantages of providing health care outside traditional institutional settings are driving increased demand for CBI’s services.

  • Investment Date November 10, 2011
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Industrial
    Head Office Port Coquitlam, BC
    CEO John McLaughlin
    Website www.cimsltd.com
    Phone (800) 715-4041

    CIMS provides heavy duty mechanical maintenance for the oil and gas, energy, mining, agriculture, and pulp and paper sectors. The company operates across western Canada and focuses on maintaining and repairing boilers, reactors, precipitators and other pressure vessels. CIMS has become the industry leader in western Canada due to its track record of successfully completing large plant shutdowns and complex industrial projects on time and budget, as well as its focus on quality and safety.

    The growing need for facility maintenance, repairs and capital investments in the western Canadian resource industry is increasing opportunities for CIMS to provide value-added, reliable service to its customers.

  • Investment Date November 12, 2013
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep David Phillips

    Industry Industrial
    Head Office Edmonton, AB
    CEO Martin Bates
    Website www.caststeelproducts.com
    Phone (780) 476-4226

    Cast Steel Products LP (“CSP”) is a leading worldwide supplier to OEM and aftermarket customers of state-of-the-art and innovatively-engineered cast, forged and fabricated wear, abrasion and heat resistant products. CSP has a successful track record of supplying the global mining and mineral processing, oil sands, oil & gas, steel, aluminum, cement, power and railway industries, as well as the ground engaging & heavy equipment, smelting and crushing application sectors. CSP has sales, engineering and fabrication facilities in Edmonton and Montreal, Canada, St. Petersburg, United States, and Beijing, China.

    For over 25 years CSP’s worldwide customers: designers, engineers, project managers, as well as purchasing, production and maintenance departments and contractors have relied on CSP to deliver innovatively-engineered, market-leading, quality products with best-in-class performance and proven industry-leading service life and ease of maintenance leading to significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs.

  • Investment Date September 16, 2015
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Food Services
    Head Office Calgary, AB
    CEO David Minnett
    Website www.edojapan.com
    Phone (403) 215-8800

    For more than 35 years Edo Japan restaurants have provided patrons with hot, fast and delicious food, prepared in a traditional Teppan-style. Edo is recognized for its popular dishes, including Sukiyaki Beef and Teriyaki Chicken, both of which are topped off with the signature Teriyaki Sauce. In addition to its signature dishes, Edo offers diverse meal choices including yakisoba noodles, udon soup, sushi and other delicious creations.

    Edo has over 100 locations across Canada and a long history of same-restaurant-sales growth. The business thrives due to its focus on franchisee satisfaction (Edo has been a Canadian Franchise Association “Franchisees’ Choice” award recipient for seven consecutive years) and its offering of a fresher, healthier choice that its customers believe is “simply better”.

  • Investment Date June 30, 2016
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Food Manufacturing
    Head Office Richmond, BC
    CEO Andrew Elliott
    Website www.foleyschocolates.com
    Phone (604) 274-2131

    For more than 40 years Foley’s has produced fine quality chocolate and coatings from its Vancouver-based facility. Using only the finest cocoa ingredients, Foley’s manufactures a wide variety of chocolate products for the grocery, bakery and food service industry segments. The ability to custom formulate to meet customers’ demands provides Foley’s with a distinct advantage in both branded and private label products. In addition, the company’s attention to quality, customer service and price has enabled it to develop a significant presence across its North American marketplace.

    Foley’s has grown to become one of Canada’s largest chocolate producers. Its attention to quality (SQF Level 3), safety standards and development of an exceptional workforce has the company well positioned to continue its positive growth trends.

  • Investment Date August 25, 2021
    Structure Growth Equity
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Food Services
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Becky Brauer & Dhruv Sood
    Website www.freshprep.ca
    Phone (604) 569-2699

    Fresh Prep is a meal kit delivery service providing everything needed to make healthy and delicious meals at home in 30 minutes or less using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Fresh Prep’s first-to-market zero waste kit and commitment to carbon neutrality have established it as among the most innovative and sustainable meal kit companies in North America. The company has grown rapidly to become a local market leader, completing tens of thousands of deliveries each week.

    Fresh Prep’s commitment to local sourcing, sustainability and quality ingredients has positioned the company to delight customers with world-class recipes across the country.

  • Investment Date May 23, 2019
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Education
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Nancy MacKay
    Website mackayceoforums.com
    Phone (604) 862-9870

    MacKay CEO Forums organizes professionally facilitated peer learning groups for CEOs, executives and business owners. The company accelerates the performance of results-oriented business leaders through its efficient time requirements and high-impact approach. MacKay CEO Forums’ groups are formed to leverage members’ complementary strengths, providing real-world solutions to challenges faced by executives at any stage of their career.

    In 2012, the company pivoted its business strategy to attract external forum chairs and has since grown its membership base exponentially to over 1,000 members across Canada. This exceptional growth is attributable to its excellent management team, best-in-class forum chairs, and dedicated network of forward-thinking corporate executives.

  • Investment Date May 11, 2021
    Structure Growth Equity
    Yellow Point Rep David Phillips

    Industry Grocery Retail
    Head Office Newmarket, ON
    CEO Joe D’Addario
    Website naturesemporium.com
    Phone (905) 898-1844

    Nature’s Emporium is an organic and natural grocery retailer serving communities throughout Greater Toronto Area. The company offers a comprehensive assortment of exclusively organic and natural foods, vitamins and supplements, and health and wellness products. Nature’s Emporium offers an engaging in-store experience with knowledgeable staff and frequent educational seminars.

    The company is poised to expand its store footprint and commitment to good health, education and providing its customers with the finest natural and organic foods throughout Ontario.

  • Investment Date June 5, 2009
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Food Services
    Head Office Burnaby, BC
    CEO Mike Cordoba
    Website www.rammp.net
    Phone (604) 536-4111

    RAMMP Hospitality Brands is the parent of Mr. Mikes SteakhouseCasual, a fast-growing casual dining chain with a national presence. Mr. Mikes provides a delicious mid-priced steakhouse alternative in its fun, inviting restaurants.

    Mr. Mikes has been reinvented in recent years under the guidance of one of the most experienced restaurant management teams in Canada. The company’s unique culture and value proposition, not to mention its famous Mikeburgers, are driving considerable demand by consumers and prospective franchisees.

  • Investment Date August 22, 2013
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Railroad Services
    Head Office Langley, BC
    CEO John Thwaites
    Website www.remcanprojects.com
    Phone (604) 882-0840

    Remcan is a leading provider of maintenance, construction and emergency services to the Canadian railroad industry. Headquartered in BC and with operations across Canada, the company has developed a reputation for providing reliable and timely services to the national rail companies and a variety of commercial and industrial clients.

    With its experienced workforce, Remcan is well positioned to take advantage of the trend towards outsourcing rail maintenance services as well as the increasing sensitivity towards rail safety.

  • Investment Date August 23, 2019
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Security
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Darcy Kernaghan
    Website www.securiguard.com
    Phone (888) 801-0222

    Securiguard specializes in corporate and industrial security with customers spanning the aviation, marine port, government, industrial and real estate sectors. The company is also the largest provider of canine-based security in western Canada, with over 40 canine handler teams providing specialized security services to the cruise ship, ferry and cargo industries.

    Through its focus on customer service and positive corporate culture, Securiguard has grown to become a market leader in security services in western Canada with over 2,200 security officers deployed across British Columbia and Alberta.

  • Investment Date June 2010
    Structure Expansion Financing
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Financial Services
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Carl Hoyt
    Website www.seymourinvest.ca
    Phone (604) 659-1722

    Seymour Investment Management is an employee-owned, client-focussed investment boutique with a unique service offering. The firm concentrates on the small-cap segment of the Canadian public markets, which often can provide above average returns.

    Experienced and talented management and a thorough investment selection process have all contributed to Seymour’s track record of outperforming benchmark indices.

  • Investment Date April 4, 2018
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Industrial
    Head Office Toronto, ON
    CEO Marc Dumont
    Website www.stategroup.com
    Phone (905) 672-2772

    The State Group is a leading North American multi-trade industrial contractor. Established in 1961, the company provides comprehensive electrical and mechanical trade services to Fortune 100 companies in the power generation, automotive, oil and gas, communications, metals and transportation industries. The State Group performs over two million man-hours annually of retrofit, maintenance, construction and emergency services and maintains a tooling and equipment inventory to support its skilled workforce.

    The company has positioned itself as an industry leader through its dedication to safety, long-term relationships with both clients and labour organizations and on-site residences at its customers’ facilities.

  • Investment Date November 13, 2015
    Structure Minority Investment
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Industrial
    Head Office Fort St. John, BC
    CEO Cam Duncan
    Website www.viperinnovation.com
    Phone (250) 263-9229

    Viper provides heavy duty mechanical maintenance for plant shutdowns and other projects. It focuses on work related to piping, boilers and other infrastructure in natural gas processing plants. Viper has a highly experienced management team and all of its employees are ticketed tradespeople or indentured apprentices.

    Viper’s history of safely completing projects on time, under budget and with exceptional quality is driving considerable demand from existing and new customers.

  • Investment Date October 28, 2005
    Structure Expansion Financing
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Marketing Services
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Gurval Caer

    Blast Radius designs, develops and manages online marketing programs for a world-class client base. It utilizes expertise in business strategy, technology and design to create captivating user experiences for some of the world’s largest consumer brands.

    On October 24, 2007, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in Blast Radius when the company was acquired by WPP, one of the world’s largest communications services companies.

  • Investment Date August 2, 2011
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Financial Services
    Head Office Vancouver, BC
    CEO Bryan Waters

    CBV is a leading North American accounts receivable management company with a 90-year history and over 400 employees. The company has long-standing relationships with numerous prominent blue-chip customers including the leading North American chartered banks, the major telecommunication companies and several government institutions.

    On August 5, 2015, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in CBV via a sale of the business to Eli Global, an international financial services company.

  • Investment Date May 24, 2005
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Building Materials
    Head Office Edmonton, AB
    CEO Martin Bates

    CCI Industries is the world’s largest manufacturer of Allan Block concrete retaining wall systems. It is also western Canada’s leading manufacturer of concrete masonry and landscape products. The company distributes its concrete block products through the leading do-it-yourself retailers and has long-standing relationships with concrete masonry and landscape contractors across western Canada and the pacific northwest U.S.

    On December 2, 2009, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in CCI Industries via a sale of the business to Expocrete Concrete Products, a leading western Canadian concrete products manufacturer.

    Click here to read the CCI case study.

  • Investment Date June 13, 2008
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Industrial
    Head Office Edmonton, AB
    CEO Martin Bates

    Crossroads C&I Distributors is western Canada’s largest distributor of thermal & mechanical insulation products. Partnering with the leading global insulation manufacturers, the company services both commercial and industrial construction and maintenance projects. Crossroads C&I is the primary supplier of pipe insulation and related products to nearly all the current Canadian oilsands construction projects.

    On July 20, 2012, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in Crossroads C&I via a sale of the business to Distribution International, a Houston-based insulation distribution company.

    Click here to read the Crossroads case study.

  • Investment Date October 30, 2007
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Building Materials
    Head Office Surrey, BC
    CEO Gregory Toft

    Established in 1928, Shanahan’s is one of Canada’s largest manufacturers of hollow metal doors, lockers and toilet partitions and western Canada’s largest distributor of specialty construction products for the institutional and commercial construction and renovation markets. The company has long-standing relationships with the leading industrial and commercial general contractors across western Canada.

    On March 21, 2017, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in Shanahan’s when the business was sold, alongside another industry competitor, to a US private equity firm.

  • Investment Date March 13, 2006
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Recycling
    Head Office Victoria, BC
    CEO Barry Waters

    Steel Pacific Recycling is the largest recycling company on Vancouver Island. Through its network of handling yards, the company procures both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from over 700 industrial suppliers. The materials are delivered to its processing site, where they are shredded and then shipped to U.S. and Asian markets to be used as feedstock in the re-manufacturing of new steel products.

    On December 15, 2010, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in Steel Pacific when the company was acquired by Schnitzer Steel Industries, a Fortune 1000 metal recycling company.

    Click here to read the Steel Pacific case study.

  • Investment Date February 18, 2010
    Structure Buyout
    Yellow Point Rep Dave Chapman

    Industry Healthcare
    Head Office Toronto, ON
    CEO John Schram

    We Care is a national provider of nursing and personal support services to patients through both government funded and private pay programs. Serving over 800 communities from coast to coast, We Care is one of the largest providers of home health care services in Canada.

    On September 30, 2013, Yellow Point successfully exited its investment in We Care via a sale of the business to CBI Health Group, a leading national provider of healthcare services.

  • Investment Date September 17, 2004
    Structure Acquisition Financing
    Yellow Point Rep Brian Begert

    Industry Healthcare Equipment
    Head Office Toronto, ON
    CEO Stuart Meldrum

    Prism Medical is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of institutional quality patient lifting and handling equipment. The company provides equipment to elderly & disabled people, and the healthcare facilities that serve them. This equipment protects caregivers from injury and enhances patient safety, comfort and dignity.

    In the summer of 2014, Prism Medical sold its United Kingdom operations to a European financial buyer. On September 24, 2014, the company used proceeds from that sale to acquire Yellow Point’s investment via a substantial issuer bid.