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Darcy Kernaghan


With over 3,000 employees, Securiguard is a leading Canadian provider of corporate security—and former CEO Darcy Kernaghan was instrumental in establishing this market position. Darcy oversaw the company’s growth from zero to $100M in revenue before approaching Yellow Point about a partnership.

Younger, Faster, Stronger

“One of the reasons I went with Yellow Point was I knew they could attract a different level of leadership to take over for me: younger, faster, stronger. I know we wouldn’t have been able to attract a new President and COO of this caliber without Yellow Point’s involvement.”

Richer Conversations, Better Decisions

“They have lots of experience, best practices and business intellect they’ve acquired from their partnerships across different sectors. I wouldn’t have been exposed to all that otherwise. The conversations are richer. The decisions are just better because they’ve got insights and input from people from lots of businesses in various industries.”