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 Ari Klein


In 2016, Yellow Point partnered with Canadian Appliance Source, an omni-channel home appliance retailer with operations in Ontario. CEO Ari Klein remained a major shareholder.

Good, Honest People

“Naturally we wanted to make sure the people we’re partnering with are good people, honest people. Easy-going, integrity, upright. Which isn’t to say the other groups we considered weren’t, but Yellow Point definitely presented themselves well and that initial impression has borne out. They can be hands-on or hands-off depending on what’s needed. That’s always attractive to sellers and executives.”

Adding Value

“They have certainly added value to my business. I would say their advice, their knowledge, their creativity, their general oversight is very helpful, especially as it relates to things like debt recapitalization, dealing with banks, hiring a new CFO. Things like that. Being a general sounding board. They know their stuff.”