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Yellow Point Closes Fund III And CIMS Investment

Vancouver, B.C. November 23, 2011 –Yellow Point Equity Partners is pleased to announce the closing of its third private equity buyout fund (“Fund III”) on November 4, 2011. Subsequently, on November 10th, Fund III completed an investment in Canadian Industrial Mill Services (“CIMS”), a leader in the industrial maintenance sector in western Canada. Yellow Point partnered with CIMS’ owners and senior management together with an experienced industry executive to complete the transaction.

Continuing with the same investment strategy as the first two Yellow Point funds, Fund III’s mandate is to help build significant and sustainable growth businesses in partnership with outstanding management teams. Consistent with this partnership investment approach, CIMS is owned 50% by Yellow Point Fund III and partners while employees of CIMS continue to own 50% of the company.

CIMS is a leading provider of heavy duty mechanical maintenance services, utilizing specialized labour for large plant shutdowns and complex industrial projects. It services the pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining, industrial and power generation sectors. Primarily operating in BC and Alberta, CIMS performs maintenance and repair work on boilers, reactors, precipitators, and other pressure vessels. Founded over 20 years ago, CIMS has become the industry leader due to its track record of successfully completing projects on time and within budget, as well as its focus on quality and safety.

“Maintaining the CIMS brand, our culture and ability to continue making business decisions locally while increasing our network of relationships in western Canada and gaining value-add board members were the most important factors in our decision to partner with Yellow Point,” said CIMS’ President John McLaughlin. Adding “this partnership will allow us to achieve our goals faster than we could independently. We are still CIMS, the only difference is that you will see our name on more sites.”

Brian Begert, Managing Partner of Yellow Point said “we look to grow sustainable businesses by partnering with strong management teams operating in growth sectors. CIMS is poised to achieve substantial success in the coming years and we are enthusiastic about our partnership with this experienced and successful management team.”

“We are pleased to have closed the CIMS investment concurrently with the closing of Fund III. We are actively looking for new investments, with a target of committing between $5 million to $25 million with six to eight new companies in Fund III over the next few years,” added David Chapman, Managing Partner of Yellow Point.

About Yellow Point
Yellow Point Equity Partners is a private equity investment firm with significant operating and investment experience. It invests in outstanding management teams of later-stage growth companies based primarily in western Canada and aims to be the long-term partner of choice for Canada’s leading mid-market companies. Yellow Point’s approach is supportive, hands-off with respect to day-to-day operations and active when it comes to strategic decisions and board work.

For more information, please contact either Brian Begert or David Chapman, or visit