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Yellow Point Backs Seymour Investment Management

Vancouver, B.C. June 2010 –Yellow Point Equity Partners (“Yellow Point”) is pleased to announce a recent investment in Seymour Investment Management Ltd (“Seymour”).

Seymour Investment Management Ltd. provides fee-based discretionary investment management services to both individual and institutional clients. In June 2010, Yellow Point provided $0.5 million of growth capital to Seymour. The investment was structured in the form of 9% promissory notes with a term of five years. Yellow Point also acquired common shares in Seymour, equating to an approximate 10% fully-diluted ownership position after Seymour’s employee partners are fully invested. In 2010 Seymour launched two pooled funds, a Canadian Equity Fund and a Performance Fund. Since inception, the more aggressive Performance Fund (containing small capitalization stocks) has generated a return, after fees, of 49.4%. In comparison the S&P/TSX Composite Index has had a total return of 24.7% over the same period. The strong performance of Seymour has helped to attract additional clients, bringing total assets under management to approximately $120 million at March 31, 2011. Management of Seymour continues to focus on increasing the assets under administration primarily through referrals from existing clients.

Seymour Investment Management Ltd. was founded in 2010 with a vision of creating an employee-owned, client-focused investment boutique with a unique service offering. Seymour is focused on the small-cap segment of the Canadian public market, which often can provide above average returns for an active investment manager due to less coverage from analysts, which often deters larger investment managers from participating in this market.

Yellow Point Equity Partners is a private equity investment firm with significant operating and investment experience. It invests in outstanding management teams of later-stage growth companies based primarily in western Canada and aims to be the long-term partner of choice for Canada’s leading mid-market companies. Yellow Point’s approach is supportive, hands-off with respect to day-to-day operations and active when it comes to strategic decisions and board work.

For more information, please contact either Brian Begert or David Chapman, or visit