• History
  • Our Approach
  • Why Yellow Point?
  • Investment Criteria
  • Giving Back
  • We opened our doors in 2004 with the philosophy of forming true partnerships with leading business managers to help guide their companies to their next level of success.

    We are now on our fourth fund, having created 20 successful investment partnerships, delivered top quartile returns to our investors, and helped many of our partners multiply the value of their equity stakes. And we are pleased to report that we are still having fun doing it.

  • The Investment
    We are a small and nimble team who works decisively and expeditiously to propose and close transactions. We ask the tough questions, and structure relationships so our resources and skills complement those of our management partners.

    The Partnership
    We are enthusiastic partners who are hands-off with respect to day-to-day operations, but active when it comes to strategic decisions and board work. As highly engaged board members, we advise on strategy, provide access to specialist resources and talent, and participate in major financial decisions. We work openly and transparently with our partners, and provide a supportive, friendly sounding board for ideas.

    The Exit
    We have extensive experience in capital market transactions and will generally lead disposition efforts, reducing the burden and distraction they can otherwise be to management.

  • We practice “true partnership”.
    We believe the foundation of all successful deals lies in creating fair, lasting partnerships with strong management teams with whom we share aligned values and goals.

    We act like it’s our own skin in the game. Because it is.
    Each member of Yellow Point has a significant amount of their personal wealth invested in our funds (cumulatively accounting for nearly 10% of total capital committed across our four funds). It’s an assurance that we are fully committed to your success and that our incentives are aligned with yours.

    Our partners benefit from the depth and experience of our advisory committee.
    Our Limited Partner base includes many prominent business leaders, including 45 CEOs from some of western Canada’s most successful companies. These professionals are available to assist our portfolio companies in building new relationships, evaluating strategic opportunities, co-investment and/or board involvement.

    We have a longer horizon than most other private equity investors.
    Our 3 to 15-year hold period allows significant flexibility to realize management’s goals. We do not attempt to dictate the timing of dispositions, but rather work with company management to pursue timing that works best for the business.

    We are nimble, efficient and experienced.
    Our small yet seasoned team enables us to move swiftly to make decisions and pursue opportunities that unlock value together with our partners.

  • Management
    We believe strong companies are built by strong managers; managers who possess a vision for their company, are willing to take a material ownership stake, and operate with openness, honesty and integrity. These are the management partners we seek.

    We invest in and support growth in a diverse array of industries including business services, distribution, energy, healthcare, industrial, and manufacturing, to name a few. We do not invest in real estate, resource extraction, or early-stage start-ups.

    We are open to a variety of opportunities including management buyouts, succession planning, growth capital, recapitalizations, spin-offs and going private transactions.

    Our focus is on Canada and the Pacific Northwest United States.

    We typically gravitate towards companies with revenues between $20 million and $350 million (smaller for add-on acquisitions), strong free cash flow and considerable growth prospects.

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